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38 Market Street, Ely, Cambs. CB7 4LS. United Kingdom.


I have always been creative.  I have been been making cakes for many years for my children's birthdays. In 2010 after many years as a hairdresser and beauty therapist in Ely, I decided to gradually reduce the amount of hairdressing, and turn my amateur cake decorating skills into something more professional.

By 2012 cake decorating had become my primary business, and I stopped hairdressing.


In 2014 we then opened a dedicated cake kitchen at 38 Market Street, Ely, ensuring that there is enough space for all the products needed to professionally bake and decorate cakes.  This also ensures maximum hygiene, as the cake kitchen is dedicate, there are no children, pets, family visitors wandering through, and I can ensure that there can be no cross-contamination from non-cake products.

It also allows me to have a display window so that visitors can see a regularly changing display of cakes. I have also been inspected and given a 5 star heath and hygiene rating.


If you're interested in ordering a cake, the best way to contact me is to e-mail me at info@hand-crafted-cupcakes.co.uk or fill in the enquiry form so that we can discuss your requirements and the date when you would like the cake.


The pages on this site give you a few examples of cakes I've made for customers.  But there are many more, and each cake or set of cupcakes is personal to the customer.  So I will be happy to discuss whatever ideas you have that will be personal to the person that the cake is for.


As I say, e-mail is usually the best way to contact me, as I can answer you when I have time to concentrate on your requirements, rather than whilst making someone else's special cake.  However if you want to speak in person:

  • call me on 01353 440104 during working hours, although if I'm in the middle of decorating, or in the middle of baking and covered in flour, I may not be able to answer! I do not make cakes for immediate collection as I am booked up in advance, so please do not phone up hoping to be able to collect a cake for today or tomorrow!


Please bear in mind that every cake is individually designed for you, and individually freshly baked.  Therefore I'm afraid that I cannot match the price of a cake from a supermarket.  As a guide, prices for cakes typically start from £50 for a vanilla sponge cake with jam and buttercream core.  Chocolate cake is around 1/3 more.  Cupcakes range from £2.50 - £7 each, depending upon the amount of decoration on each one, with a minimum of 12 cupcakes.


All orders will be subject to ourTerms and Conditions at www.hand-crafted-cupcakes.co.uk/terms


People often ask how much notice is needed - the answer is, as much as possible. Usually a minimum of one month - to give us a chance to discuss what details of the cake would most reflect your theme and be truly personal to you, because your first thoughts often evolve as we discuss your cake and I make suggestions. However because I only make a small number of cakes to make sure that they are fresh and perfectly decorated, I also need to make sure that I book out the date for you. The dates do book up some time in advance, so we can book in a date with a deposit whilst you are still finalising the theme for your cake, to make sure you secure your date - so the earlier you call, the more certain we can be of securing your date.


If you have ordered a cake, it will be available for collection from our Cake Kitchen on the agreed date. If you are coming to collect a cake that you have ordered, or to come for a consultation, our address is 38 Market Street, Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB7 4LS. A photo of our building is to the right.


Sizes of cakes

As a guide to the number of servings you can get from different sized cakes:

Number of servingsRound cake sizeSquare cake size

4 servings3 inch2.5 inch

6 servings4 inch 

9 servings5 inch 

12 servings6 inch5 inch

18 servings7 inch6 inch

24 servings8 inch7 inch

30 servings9 inch 

36 servings10 inch9 inch


2, 3 and 4 tier cakes can be made by any combination of the above sizes or with a spherical ball cake on top.


For enquiries, please e-mail me at info@hand-crafted-cupcakes.co.uk or if you want to call me, call me on 01353 440104


Thank you