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Wedding Cake Enquiry Form

Every cake we make is unique and personalised for each customer. Often people ask "how much will a cake cost?". This very much depends upon the size of cake, and how much decoration you would like. Due to the complexity, we won't be able to give a specific price for a wedding cake until we've had a consultation and designed your cake.  To understand our wedding cake design process, please read our Wedding Cake Design page. If you'd like to check your preferred wedding date is available and budgetary pricing, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible, which will allow us to check availability and to come up with some initial ideas for you. The more information you can fill in, the better our initial suggestion is likely to be, and the more likely I will be able to estimate a price based upon your first enquiry.

If you have a maximum budget for your cake, please indicate this and we'll aim to come up with ideas that will fit within your budget.

*Hotmail - Is your e-mail a Hotmail account? I normally reply by e-mail within 1 day of your enquiry. Several times recently, we have replied to customers enquiries, but they haven't seen my e-mail, until they found the e-mail in their Spam folder. If you have not seen a reply from us, please check your spam folder, in case my reply has been filtered into your spam folder.

The best way to contact us is using the enquiry form below, as we can answer you when we have time to concentrate on your requirements, rather than whilst making someone else's special cake. 

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Do you know if you're prefer to collect cake yourself, or have it delivered to venue?
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